Mirrors & Marble Blog and FAQs

Use these instructions if your medicine cabinet is a surface mounted medicine cabinet. (If you have a flush mount medicine cabinet, please see this link.)

PLEASE BE CAREFUL removing the medicine cabinet from the box. Use Goof-Off (original squeeze can, not spray) to remove any residue on the frame. Use ammonia-free window cleaner to clean the mirror areas.

  1. Make sure that your electrical connection to the LED medicine cabinet is Romex standard house wiring, 14/2 or 12/2 from a standard light switch (connection to light switch is optional if your mirror has an integrated switch). A dimmer wall switch will not work with our medicine cabinet LED. The cabinet also has a build-in switch on the bottom so a wall switch connection is not necessary if one is not available.
  2. The house circuit wiring at the top center of where your medicine cabinet will be mounted. If you are installing your house wiring before receiving your product, we recommend staying within a couple inches of the center of the medicine cabinet area vertically and approximately 2 inches from the top of the medicine cabinet. The connection wires extend from the rear of the medicine cabinet and are several inches long to provide some "play" to connect to the house power.
  3. Install the long mounting bracket on the wall using the provided screws and self-drilling drywall anchors. Note that there is a channel within the top portion of the frame where the wall bracket slides into.
  4. Make sure to carefully measure the location of the wall-mounted bracket to ensure that your medicine cabinet will hang in the proper location. Do not use a power drill or electric screwdriver to install the drywall anchors or the screws into the drywall anchors. Use a hand-held Philips screwdriver to avoid breaking the drywall anchors or over-tightening the screws.
  5. Make sure that your circuit is turned off at the circuit breaker before performing this step! Using a partner to hold the medicine cabinet, connect the house electric to the cabinet wiring and then carefully hang the medicine cabinet on the wall bracket in the exact position that you want the medicine cabinet to hang. Connections: Green is the ground, Black is hot, White is neutral. Turn on house circuit and test mirror connections.
  6. Attach the angle brackets into the bottom of the medicine cabinet by screwing the provided small screws into the two threaded holes. Make sure the brackets are pushed flush against the wall and mark the location that you will install the wall anchors.
  7. Once you determined the location of the angle bracket drywall anchors, remove the brackets and install the drywall anchors (see method above). Then re-install the angle brackets and secure to both the wall and the cabinet. Once the cabinet is installed, install the glass shelves.
  8. DOOR ADJUSTMENTS: Your mirror door can be adjusted using the three screws on your mirror hinges: With the door halfway open, the center hinge screw adjusts door height (up and down). With the door fully open, the screw closest to the cabinet adjusts left to right, and the screw furthest from the cabinet adjusts depth of the door toward and away from the cabinet.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 937-810-0200 or email us at sales@mirrorsandmarble.com. Thank you for shopping with us!

Print these instructions for future reference.