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Premium (2-Piece) LED Mirror Installation Instructions
These instructions are for our two-piece LED mirror design, which has a separate aluminum frame that is not attached to the mirror. Please review and follow these proper installation instructions for our premium 2-piece mirror installation.
Mirrors & Marble LED Lighting Upgrades / Options Primer
Mirrors and Marble offers several upgrade options to customize your LED mirror to suit your specific lighting needs. These options can get complicated based on the different combinations that are available. This primer is intended to help with your decision process.
LED Mirror Lighting FAQ
This article contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our LED mirrors.  Just find your question and click on the link to see more details.
Connections for Non-Dimmable and Dimmable Power Regulators
Our mirrors come standard with a regular LED power regulator that can be hard-wired directly to a wall switch. The electrical connections are very simple. We offer an upgrade to install a Dimmable Power Regulator in your mirror prior to shipping. Read about installing a dimmable power regulator.
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