Connections for Standard and Dimmable Power Regulators

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Our mirrors come standard with a regular LED power regulator that can be hard-wired directly to a wall switch. The electrical connections are very simple:

Standard Regulators

  • Please note that if you have a large mirror, you may have TWO power regulators. These will be wired exactly the same way as a single power regulator, the only difference will be that you will have two lengths of LED string instead of one, each connected to a power regulator.
  • One side of your regulator connects to a standard Romex wall circuit, 14/2 or 12/2. This will be the side with the unconnected wires coming out of the regulator (see below). If there are two power regulators, the wires will be wired together for a single hot and neutral connection. Typically you will have 18-22 inches of play in the connection wire to extend to the Romex electrical wire coming out of your wall, and a very large space within the boundaries of the inside frame to locate your house wire. Our wiring may or may not include a plastic connecting block. The BLUE from the regulator wire connects to the Romex WHITE neutral wire. The BROWN wire connects to the Romex BLACK hot wire.
  • The other side of your regulator connects to the LED string that is installed in the frame of your mirror. Connections from the low voltage side of the regulator to the LED are very simple: RED to RED, BLACK to BLACK. If your mirror has a switch, the switch will also be connected to the LED wires to control electrical output to the LED based on whether the switch is turned on or off. Please see our switch installation blog for information on this wiring when it includes a switch.

Standard Regulator and Connections
Standard Regulator and Connections

Dimmable Power Regulator (DPR)

We offer an upgrade to install a Dimmable Power Regulator in your mirror at our warehouse prior to shipping you the mirror. There are two very important requirements to be able to use a DPR to dim your mirror:

  1. You must have two 14/2 Romex lines connected from your wall dimmer switch to the back of the mirror.
    • One line will supply power, connected from your wall dimmer switch to your mirror.
    • The other line will control the dimming function from your wall dimmer switch to your mirror.
  2. You must purchase and install a Leviton IP710-DLZ dimmer switch or compatible 0-10V dimmer control switch that will work with our LED technology. We have tested the Leviton IP710-DLZ. The wiring instructions are based on the Leviton model. Similar models will connect similarly but please review the dimmer control instructions carefully to make sure you are connecting to the proper wires.

Connecting the DPR

  1. The Dimmable Power Regulators will basically be swapped out for the standard regulator. If you have one regulator, you need one DPR. If you have two regulators, you need two DPRs. This is the difference between our "large mirror" and "small mirror" upgrades.
  2. Remove the existing white power regulators by unscrewing them from the white plastic mounting sheet and disconnecting them from the LED. If connected to the power circuit, these connections must also be disconnected (make sure to turn off power to the circuit at circuit breaker before disconnecting!).
  3. Attach double sided tape to each of the DPRs (see below) and mount them on the white mounting sheet in the same positions where the original regulators were installed.

    Double Sided Tape on Back of DPR
    Double Sided Tape on Back of DPR

  4. Wire the house power circuit to the Input side of your DPR and the dimmer control wall switch.
    1. The BLACK wire from your house power circuit connects to the BLACK power wire of your wall dimmer control switch.
    2. The WHITE wire from your house power circuit connects to the BLUE neutral line coming from the Input side of your DPR (the side with the blue and brown wires, see below).
    3. The RED (switched hot) wire from your dimmer control wall switch connects to the BROWN hot input wire coming from the Input side of your DPR.
  5. Wire your wall dimmer switch control to the Output side of your DPR (the control side). The Output side of your DPR has 4 wires. Two of these (the red and black wires) will be wired to your LED strips and the other two will be used to connect to your dimmer control switch.
    1. The PURPLE (or V+) wire from your dimmer control connects to the BLUE wire on your DPR.
    2. The GRAY (or V-) wire from your dimmer control connects to the WHITE wire on your DPR.
  6. Wiring your DPR to your LED strips. If your upgrade was installed prior to shipping your mirror, these connections will be complete. The connections basically mimic the same connections that your original standard power regulator have to your LED strips. BLACK (-) to BLACK. RED (+) to RED.

Dimmable Power Regulator (DPR)

Dimmable Power Regulator (DPR)

DPR Wiring Diagram – Leviton IP710-DLZ

DPR Wiring Diagram for the Leviton IP710-DLZ

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