Mirrors & Marble Blog and FAQs

Use these instructions if your medicine cabinet is a flush mounted medicine cabinet. If you have a surface mount medicine cabinet, please see this link.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL removing the medicine cabinet from the box. Use Goof-Off (original squeeze can, not spray) to remove any residue on the frame. Use ammonia-free window cleaner to clean the mirror areas. Also carefully remove the glass shelves and mounting hardware.

Opening Preparation

  1. All flush LED mount medicine cabinet sizes require a rough opening of 3/4 inch smaller than the size of the cabinet in width and height. For example, a 24x32 inch medicine cabinet would have a rough opening of 23.25 inch by 31.25 inch. This opening should have wall studs adjacent to each side of the medicine cabinet to allow securing the medicine cabinets to the wall studs.
  2. The power connection to the LED medicine cabinet is either centered on the top or approximately 2-3 inches from top right side of the cabinet for single-door medicine cabinets, and 1 inch from the top right for twin-door cabinets (NOTE: If you place an order and need exact location for single-door cabinets, call or email us). It will be necessary to cut a notch or drill a hole in the wall stud that is adjacent to the power connection.  The opening should be large enough to thread the cabinet wiring to connect the Romex.
  3. Make sure that your electrical connection to the LED medicine cabinet is Romex standard house wiring, 14/2 or 12/2 from a standard light switch (connection to light switch is optional if your mirror has an integrated switch). A dimmer wall switch will not work with our medicine cabinet LED. The cabinet also has a built-in switch so a wall switch connection is not necessary.

Cabinet Preparation and Installation

  1. IMPORTANT: Two people are required to install the medicine cabinet.
  2. You will find two or three holes centered on each side of the medicine cabinet frame (depending on style) that will be used to secure the medicine cabinet to the studs when you slide the frame into the hole cut into the wall. If the holes have white plastic plugs inserted, they will need to be removed. Please do not remove or lose the white plugs used to fill the holes for the alternate locations of your shelf mounting clips.
  3. Carefully slide the medicine cabinet into the rough opening so that the “lip” of the front of the medicine cabinet is pushed flush against the rough opening, making sure that the medicine cabinet is “level”. Secure the medicine cabinet to the studs using the provided anchor screws. The provided anchors are not necessary if you are screwing directly into wood studs.
  4. Before connecting the electric, please turn off power to the circuit at the circuit panel. The lighting circuit is connected to the medicine cabinet wiring based on Black to Black, White to White and Green to Ground.
  5. Once the cabinet is installed, install the glass shelves.
  6. DOOR ADJUSTMENTS: Your cabinet door can be adjusted using the three screws on your mirror hinges:
    1. With the door halfway open, the center hinge screw adjusts door height (up and down).
    2. With the door fully open, the screw closest to the cabinet adjusts left to right, and the screw furthest from the cabinet adjusts depth of the door toward and away from the cabinet.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 937-810-0200 or email us at sales@mirrorsandmarble.com. Thank you for shopping with us!

Print these instructions for future reference.