Mirrors & Marble Blog and FAQs

All of our Mirrors & Marble LED mirrors are pre-configured to be hard-wired to a wall switch. The mirror connecting wires are set up to be connected to standard Romex lighting circuit wiring that should be located in the wall directly behind where you will be installing the mirror. However, many wiring options are possible depending on the mirror type. Please see our standard installation instructions here.

Replacement Lamp Cord with Flat Plug

If you have a plug-in outlet located behind the mirror, and the outlet is connected to a wall switch, you have two choices:

  1. You can simply remove the outlet from the wiring in the junction box and connect your mirror directly to the wiring that was connected to your outlet.
  2. If you do not want to remove your outlet from the existing circuit wiring, you can purchase a standard lighting replacement cord with a flat “plug”, connect it to the mirror connecting wires, and plug the mirror into the outlet. Please see the image below, and you can purchase this product here. If you don’t want to spend this much, you can purchase a standard duty indoor extension cord (make sure it has a flat plug) at any hardware or home improvement store and cut off one end of the cord and strip the wires to connect to your LED mirror.

If you have standard Romex lighting circuit wiring behind the mirror but it is NOT connected to a wall switch, you have the following choices:

  1. If your LED mirror is a front-lighted rectangular mirror, most of these mirrors include a pre-installed switch on the bottom of the mirror, so you would not need the mirror to be connected to a wall switch. If your front-lighted mirror does not include a switch, we can install one prior to shipping the mirror, if you purchase the switch upgrade. Our LED medicine cabinets also include pre-installed switches.

    Please note: our side-lighted rectangular mirrors and most of our oval and round LED mirrors cannot have switches installed.

    If you are not sure that an LED mirror has a switch, check the details page of the product you are looking at, contact us to confirm.
  2. You can purchase a Remote Control Dimmer / Switch upgrade. This upgrade will allow you to switch your LED mirror lighting on and off and also to dim the LED lighting, without having to connect your wiring to a wall switch.