Warranty Information

It is very important to open your mirror package and inspect your mirror and frame surface areas for shipping damage or physical defects as soon as the mirror is delivered.

Mirror glass and aluminum frame: We warranty surface blemishes, chips or breakage on mirror and aluminum components for 10 days after receiving the products, or before the products are installed, whichever comes first (once the product is installed, these items are no longer warrantied). It is very easy to scratch, mar, break or chip the mirrors once they are removed from the protective packaging.

We warranty the lifetime of the mirror and frame for 5 years, once they are installed. This includes any kind of defect resulting from normal wear and tear, but does NOT include any kind of damage resulting from human-caused scratching, chipping, etc.

Electronics: We provide free replacements warranty of 5 years for LED components, and 3 years for other electrical components (regulators, receivers, remote dimming units, etc.).