Product Warranty Information

Product Warranty Information

Urgent: Check your Mirror Immediately for Shipping Damage

If your mirror (and package) can be verified to have shipping damage and the following steps are followed, we will ship you a replacement mirror.

  1. Please do not remove from the package, handle, or install your mirror!!! By installing the mirror, you are taking responsibility for the physical condition of the mirror. The mirrors are very easily chipped or broken during the installation process.
  2. Please email the following specific photos to to validate damage for us to file a claim with UPS:

    1. A photo clearly showing the damage to the mirror
    2. A photo showing the damaged mirror in the open box showing the packing materials
    3. A close-up photo of the original shipping label, clearly showing the tracking number of the damaged product package
    4. A photo showing the packing box or crate, make sure that any evidence of damage to the packing box is clearly shown in the photo
  3. Once you have taken your photos, remove the mirror frame and mounting hardware from the package. You will be keeping these items to use with your replacement mirror.
  4. Once we verify that we have the necessary photos, you will be able to throw away the shipping box and the damaged mirror. Please do not do this until we have verified the photos.
  5. We will ship a free replacement mirror under warranty as soon as we verify the damage per the steps above.

Shipping Damage, Physical Defects on Receipt: We warranty surface blemishes, chips or breakage on mirror and aluminum components for 10 days after receiving the products, or until the products are unpacked and installed, whichever comes first. It is very easy to scratch, mark, break or chip the mirrors once they are removed from the protective packaging.

Mirror glass and aluminum frame - Limited 5 Year Warranty: We warranty the lifetime of the mirror and frame for 5 years once they are installed. This includes any kind of defect resulting from normal wear and tear, but does NOT include any kind of damage resulting from human-caused scratching, chipping, etc.

Electronics - Limited 2 Year Warranty: Our electronics are designed to be easy to replace. We will ship free electronic component replacement for a period of 2 years after purchase. This includes LED strips, power regulators, remote dimming receivers, controls, etc.