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Standard 1-Piece (3DO) LED Mirror Installation Instructions 

Use these instructions if your mirror and frame are constructed as a single integrated unit with 2-way mounting Cleats.  If your mirror and frame are separate units (not integrated), please visit: Premium (2-Piece) Installation Instructions

PLEASE BE CAREFUL removing the mirror from the box and handling the mirror when you set it aside to install the mounting cleat.  Please leave the mirror corner protectors and protective film on until the end of the installation process.  Use Goof-Off (original squeeze can, not spray) to remove any residue on the frame. Use an ammonia-free mirror safe cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to clean the front of the mirror.

SAFETY WARNING: This product must be installed in accordance with the installation instruction by qualified technician. Failure to follow instruction could result in death or serious bodily injury. Please read through this installation guide so you will know how to install and operate your model properly. Keep this document in a safe place for future reference after use. CAUTION This product must be serviced by qualified personnel.


Package Contents: Mirror, Safety Bracket, Anti-Theft Screw, Anti-Theft Key, Mounting Screws/Anchors

Tools Needed: Pencil, Drill/Awl, Tape Measure , Level


1. Determine Orientation/Placement of mirror based on preference and room design.  (TIPS: We recommend measuring center of vanity/sink as a guide to center mirror.  Measure and mark wall (top center where you want mirror or use a level to draw top outline).

2. Measure back of mirror from top center of mirror to approximately center of cleat.  Mark the wall for cleat placement.  (Note: If also using safety bracket, measure same way to determine hardware location/mark wall appropriately, then see step 6.)

3. Place cleat on wall level/center. (Note: holes down and flush with wall -step5 image below)  Mark hole locations. For drywall installation, drill Φ holes after for drywall anchors.

4. Insert provided drywall anchors.  Install cleat with provided screws. 

5. Plug-in Mirror with U.S Plug (OR you can cut/strip to hardwire.  Please follow 7-11 for hardwire.)  Hang Mirror on cleat (Slide as needed to Center.)

6.  (If using safety bracket/not required - Please use caution to avoid breakage.) Before Step 5, Align mirror on cleat.  Check alignment of safety bracket marking (step2) with bracket by gently tilting mirror on cleat.  Adjust as needed.  Remove mirror, screw in T-screw so it is horizontal.  See step 5 for wiring/Re-hang, then slide T-screw into bracket.  Turn safety Key 90 degrees to turn/lock T-screw.

7. Hardwire Guide: Make sure that your electrical connection to the mirror is Romex standard house wiring, 14/2 or 12/2 from a standard light switch.  A dimmer wall switch will not work with our Standard 1-Piece (3DO) mirror configuration. Dimming built into the mirror touch sensor.  

8. The house circuit wiring can be located in the wall anywhere generally in the center of where the mirror frame will be mounted. If you are installing your house wiring before receiving your mirror, we recommend staying within 4 inches of the center of the mirror to be safe. The frame is recessed in the back for easier installation.

9. After cutting the U.S Plug, strip the wires a couple inches to allow some “play”. Wire the house wiring to the loose black, white and green wires on the mirror.  (first make sure the circuit breaker is turned off!). Connect HOT to BLACKGROUND to GREEN, and NEUTRAL to WHITE

10. Turn on the switch to check the wiring.

11. Hang the mirror on the cleat, (see step 6 for safety bracket), finally, remove the corner protectors and protective film covering from the front of the mirror.


If you have any questions feel free to call us at 937-810-0200 or email us at sales@mirrorsandmarble.com. Thank you for shopping with us!


Standard 1-Piece (3DO) LED Mirror Touch Sensors

  1. There are three touch sensor buttons on the mirror surface.
  2. First button:
    1. Quick touch/tap to turn lights on/off
  3. Second button:
    1. Quick touch/tap button to change the CCT
      1. (Color Temperature/Kelvin from 3000K | 4000K | 6000K )
    2. Long press/hold to Dim the brightness from 0~100%
  4. Third button:
    1. Quick touch/tap to turn on/off the mirror defogger (controlled separately from the on/off lights)