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Your LED mirror purchase is going to be the crowning jewel to your bathroom and something you'll want to show off to everyone who visits your home or business. Take your mirror to the next level with these affordable upgrades:

Please note that some of the options described may not be available for your mirror based on the LED mirror style and size.

LED Color Temperature Options

Our LED mirrors come standard with LED strips with 6000 Kelvin LED strips. This color temperature produces "natural daylight" lighting conditions for makeup and grooming. We also offer an option to change the LED color temperature to 3000 Kelvin, which provide a warmer, slightly yellowish light more like a standard incandescent light bulb (see Image A). Color temperature selection does not impact LED brightness, and is a matter of personal taste and matching to other lighting and décor.

LED Color Temperature Options

LED Brightness Options (Adding a 2nd LED Strip)

Our LED strips (both 3000 and 6000 Kelvin) include 120 high-output LED’s per meter to provide just the right amount of brightness to frame the person standing in front of the mirror. However, we also offer the option to add a 2nd LED strip to effectively double the brightness output of your 6000 Kelvin or 3000 Kelvin LED lighting (see Image C).

Alternatively, you can add a 3000 Kelvin strip to your standard 6000 Kelvin strip to allow switching between two different color temperatures. Our LED upgrades are combined with our dimming upgrades to allow selection of multiple different LED/dimming solutions.

LED Brightness Options (adding a 2nd LED strip)

LED Dimming Control Options

Our mirrors are not dimmable in their standard configuration, they are designed to provide optimal lighting conditions for the person standing in front of the mirror without needing a dimmer control.

However, we do offer two dimming upgrades if you wish to be able to dim your LED lighting, and if you add an LED to double the brightness (see above), we do recommend also adding a dimming upgrade.

Please note that if you add a 2nd LED, your 2x LED lighting will be configured with the same dimming control selection as your primary LED.

Standard Mirrors Not Dimmable

Our standard mirrors without dimming upgrade are not dimmable. Depending on the mirror style and size, your mirror may include a toggle switch (see Image F) on the frame as a standard feature (please see specifications details on the individual product page).

Standard Mirrors Toggle Switch

If you mirror does NOT include a toggle switch, it must be wired to a lighting circuit that is connected to a wall switch. Toggle switches are available as an upgrade option on some of our larger front-lighted mirrors that do not include a toggle switch.

If your mirror has a standard toggle switch and a 2X LED option is selected, our standard wiring will be to wire both LED’s through the toggle switch unless you select two different color temps for your LED. If you select 2x with both a 6000 Kelvin and 3000 Kelvin LED, we will add a 2nd toggle switch to allow control of each LED independently.

Dimming from Wall Dimmer Switch

We offer an upgrade to change your mirror power regulator (see Image D) to support dimming control from a compatible wall dimmer switch (wall dimmer switch sold as separate upgrade).

Dimming from Wall Dimmer Switch

IMPORTANT: This option requires 2 sets of Romex wires to control both house power and low voltage input to your LED mirror from each wall dimmer switch (for Dual 3000 Kelvin + 6000 Kelvin upgrade, you would need 4 sets of Romex wires based on 2 wall dimmer switches). This solution also requires a compatible low-voltage (0-10VDC) wall dimmer switch (sold as a separate option). Please click here for special wiring instructions. This option is available with both single and dual LED strip configurations.

Remote Control On/Off/Dimming Option

Our Remote Control On/Off/Dimming option (see Image E) will allow you to turn your LED mirror on and off and dim your mirror lighting via a remote controller device. This upgrade is optimal for scenarios where a wall switch is not available or if you wish to control multiple sources of LED lighting with a single controller (a controller can be programmed to control up to 4 LED light sources). This upgrade includes a remote-control device (2 AAA batteries included) and a pre-installed remote receiver connected to each LED power regulator (number of remote receivers depends on mirror size and number of LEDs). This option is available with both single and dual LED strip lighting options. In dual LED scenarios, the remote will be programmed to control each LED strip independently as well as overall on/off function.

Remote Control On/Off/Dimming

Touch On/Off Dimming Option

Our Touch On/Off Dimming option (see image B) will allow you to turn your LED mirror on and off and dim your mirror lighting via a touch switch that is mounted directly on the frame of the mirror.

If your mirror comes standard with a toggle switch, the touch / dimming switch will replace the toggle switch. This option is not available on our side-lighted mirrors and some of our front-lighted mirrors.

This option is available in combination with both single and dual LED strip lighting options depending on the mirror size and style. In a dual LED option scenario where both LEDs have the same color temperature (3000 Kelvin or 6000 Kelvin), a single touch dimmer switch will control both LEDs simultaneously to provide continuous dimming. If the primary and dual LEDs are different color temps (6000 Kelvin + 3000 Kelvin), two touch dimmer switches will be installed to enable controlling of each LED independently.

Touch On/Off Dimming Switch Option

LED Mirror Defogger Pad Options

By purchasing this upgrade, you will receive your mirror with an energy-efficient defogger pad pre-installed on the back of your mirror. The defogger pad contains electric filaments that work similarly to the defroster on a rear car window by transmitting gentle warmth across the face of your mirror. The defogger wiring will need to be connected separately to the same power source as your LED lighting. 

 LED Mirror Defogger Pad Option

When the LED mirror is turned on, the defogger will maintain a constant, regulated temperature of 104 degrees, keeping the center portion of the mirror glass steam-free under normal showering conditions. It is important to note that the defogger pad does not cover the entire back of the mirror, so it will only keep the center portion of the mirror steam-free.

We strongly recommend that your defogger pad be connected to a wall switch in your bathroom to ensure that it is turned on only when you are using your shower. This can be the same wall switch that is used to light your LED mirror.

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