Mirrors & Marble Blog and FAQs

Follow the steps below to install your switch into your Mirrors and Marble rectangular LED mirror frame:

  1. If your mirror is already mounted and connected to your house electric, make sure to turn off the circuit that is powering the lights before you start. Remove the mirror from the frame and very carefully place the mirror face down on a table (make sure to place a towel or blanket on the table to avoid scratching the mirror).
  2. The switch should be installed in the bottom of the mirror on whatever side of the mirror you want it to be on (see photo at the bottom of the post). Typically this would be the lower right-hand side of the frame.
  3. Using a 1/4-inch metal or all-purpose drill bit, drill a pilot hole in the mirror frame, centered depth-wise in the frame at the location where you want to install the switch. The hole should be big enough for the tip of the “Step Bit” to fit.
  4. Using a Step Bit (pictured below), drill a larger hole to exactly 3/4-inch.
    Drill Bit for Rectangular LED Mirror Frame
  5. Carefully snap the switch into the hole with the switch facing outward on the frame and the wires facing to the inside of the frame.
  6. The switch wires need to be routed to the top of the mirror frame where the white plastic connecting block is connected to the LED (see photo at the end of the post). If the wires do not reach the white plastic connecting block, find or purchase additional wire to extend the wire.
  7. There are two ways to route the wire between the switch and the connecting block at the top of the mirror:
    1. Around the outside of the inner frame and then route down through the same hole that the LED is routed through at the top of the frame.
    2. Drill a hole in the lower frame (1/4-inch is sufficient) and route the wire straight up through the center of the frame to get to the upper connecting block.
  8. Using a pair of wire strippers, strip the black and red wires coming out of the switch to expose no more than a half inch of bare wire.
  9. Remove the black wire coming out of the LED that is connected to the white plastic connecting block. Connect the black wire coming from the switch into the same hole in the connecting block that you disconnected the black LED wire.
  10. Connect the red wire coming out of the switch to the loose black wire that is coming out of the LED. Use a properly-sized electrician's connecting nut to connect the wires or twist them together and wrap with electrician’s tape.
  11. Turn your circuit back on and test your switch. If your mirror is also connected to a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is turned on.
  12. Carefully mount your mirror back on the frame.

 Rectangular Mirror Frame for Switch Install