Mirrors & Marble Blog and FAQs

Strategically Placed Mirrors

We all have had those embarrassing moments when we arrive to work or a function to find we have lipstick on our teeth or there is a stain on our shirt. To prevent this from happening to you, installing mirrors in your home is the way to go.

More specifically, a lighted mirror in the bathroom can ensure your makeup is flawless. Or placing one in your bedroom can help you determine whether you need to change your outfit. By placing one by your front door, you can do a quick check before you leave your home.

Round Lighted Vanity Mirrors

A round lighted mirror works perfectly for any home, no matter the style. At Mirrors and Marble, we sell lighted vanity mirrors so you can tell when your look great or need a change of outfit. Order yours online today or for additional information, contact us at 937-810-0200.