Side-Lighted LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror: 32" Wide x 32" Tall - Round - Wall-Mounted

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Welcome to the new world of vanity mirror lighting! Our commercial-grade, round, side-lighted LED mirrors are used in luxury hotels, spas and make-up studios - a great enhancement to any bathroom. This 32 inches wide x 32 inches tall LED mirror produces a perfect 6000 Kelvin color temperature to reflect your image in white light (natural daylight) conditions. Improve your ability to apply make-up, do hair style and color, and coordinate clothing and accessories.

This mirror comes with a separate high-grade anodized aluminum frame for ease of mounting (includes mounting hardware) and connects to a standard light switch. Mirrors come with lifetime moisture-proof backing. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa!

Product SKU: MAM2D32
Mirror Style: Round side-lighted LED Mirror (backlit projection lighting).
Mirror Dimensions / Orientation: 32 inches wide, 32 inches tall (mounts only one way).
Mirror Glass: 5 mm (close to 1/4 inch) with polished edges, copper-free, lifetime moisture-proof backing.
Frosted / Lighted Area: Frosted area approximately 2 inches wide.
Frame Material: Anodized aluminum frame, stainless steel screws.
Frame Dimensions: Frame depth approximately 1.5 inches. Outside frame perimeter approximately 2.5 inches inside of mirror perimeter. Inside mounting frame is rectangular.
Mounting Hardware: Frame has 4-5 integrated aluminum mounting brackets attached to the frame used to secure the frame to the wall. 4 heavy duty screw-in wall anchors are included. The mirror has 2-3 mounting brackets installed on the rear of the mirror that slide into the cross-bars on the aluminum frame, allowing the mirror to be mounted after the frame has been installed.
LED Lumens and Watts: LED Strip: 40 LEDs per foot, 22 lumens per LED. Approximate watts: 38. Approximate lumens: 6,217.
LED Expected Lifetime: 50,000 Hours.
LED Color Temperature and CRI: 6,000 Kelvin (3,000 Kelvin upgrade available). Color Rendering Index (CRI) = 92.
Power / Connection: Mean Well - UL 8750 - IP67 - Input Voltage 100-240v AC. Output voltage: 12v DC. Connects to standard switched lighting circuit. Not dimmable without upgrade.
Protections: Short circuit / over current / over voltage / over temperature.
ETL Certification: ETL-listed for US and Canada, conforms to UL Std. 962, certified to CSA Std. C22.2 No. 250.0.
Switch: No, does not have switch.
Installation Instructions: Mirror Installation Instructions.
Warranty: 5-year warranty on mirror and frame, 2-year warranty on electronic components.

Customer Reviews

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Make Up Table Mirror

This mirror was the perfect addition to my wife’s make up table . She love’s the look of the mirror as well as the ability to adjust the brightness with the remote .

The best purchase for my newly remodeled bathroom

I had bought another mirror which I loved but I decided to take the time to Reno it and send it back so that I could purchase this one. And, I’m so so so glad I did! It makes the whole bathroom look nicer!

I love this lighted mirror!

Mirrors and Marble has the best selection of lighted mirrors and the very best prices. This is my 2nd purchase!

Wonderful addition to my salon suite!

I am extremely pleased with my purchase of my 36x36 round mirror with the dimmer addition. When I decided to go into a private salon suite with no windows, it was recommended to me that I purchase an LED mirror to substitute for the absence natural light. It makes such a huge difference!! I also love the addition of the dimmer that I added on (make sure to get the remote control if you can't hardwire it). This is a great option because each client may have different preferences of brightness. I usually keep it about 2 clicks below the brightest option.

Prior to purchasing from Mirrors and Marble, I had quite excessively shopped around online and found that for the quality and options they had the best price.
I recommend them to everyone in my suite building.



Loved the mirrors. Great instructional installation video!

Mirrors&Marble had the best selection of lit round mirrors at competitive prices. Quality mirrors with the best design for installation. Unlike other lit mirrors from other companies that requires awkwardly installing the mirror as a single heavy unit, these mirrors were way easier to install/hang because you snap the mirror part on last after you complete the wiring and hanging the frame.


We are so happy with this mirror! The shipping was fast and safe, and installation was easy. I still can’t believe the price and look of this mirror—all the other comparable items were 5x the cost, only came with a wall plug, or didn’t have a dimmer. Love the mirror and wholeheartedly recommend Mirrors and Marble!


These mirrors work great I bought the added defogger feature and it’s a solid system . The lights look great and the packing was perfect . Looks like this company takes care of there product all the way to your door step .


These mirrors work great I bought the added defogger feature and it’s a solid system . The lights look great and the packing was perfect . Looks like this company takes care of there product all the way to your door step .