Side-Lighted LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror: 28" x 44" - Rectangular - Wall-Mounted

  • $249.00

Welcome to the new world of personal lighting! Our commercial grade LED side-lighted mirrors are used in luxury hotels, spas and make-up studios - a great enhancement to any bathroom. Our 28 inches wide x 44 inches tall LED mirror produces a perfect 6,000 Kelvin light color to reflect your image in white light (sunlight) conditions. Improve your ability to apply make-up, do hair style and color, and coordinate clothing and accessories.

Our mirrors come with a separate high-grade anodized aluminum frame for ease of mounting (includes mounting hardware), and connect to a standard light switch. Mirrors come with lifetime moisture-proof backing. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa!

WARNING: Mirrors only mount one way! Width = horizontal, Tall = vertical!

Dimensions: 28in x 44in
LED Specification: 18 Watt LEDs (per meter) - 40 per foot - 22 Lumens per LED - 50,000 hour burn life
Total Watts: 50
Total Lumens: 8,800
Connection: 110v AC - 240v AC power regulator to 12v DC, connect to standard lighting circuit
Mirror Thickness: 5 mm (close to 1/4 inch)
Mounting Frame: Anodized aluminum mounting frame, 1.5 inches deep.
Installation Instructions: Mirror Installation Instructions / Video
Warranty: 5 years
SKU/Item #: MAM92844

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