Shop LED Mirror Customization Options

Depending on your specific preference, we offer several options to customize your LED wall mirror.  These options are not available for our LED medicine cabinets:

  • Change your 6000 Kelvin white light (sunlight) LED color to 3000 Kelvin warm light (similar to an incandescent hue).
  • Change your standard power regulator to a dimmable power regulator.
  • Enhance your LED mirror to add a remote controlled on/off and dimming capability.
  • Add 2x brightness LED lighting for an extra bright lighting experience.
  • Add mirror perimeter side-projection color-lighting options (front-lighted mirrors only) to enhance your LED lighting experience. These options come in blue LED, white 6000K LED, and white 3000K LED options.
  • Please carefully read the special conditions for these options. We do not offer this options independently. We will only install the options as part of your mirror purchase.