Add 2nd LED for 2x Brightness - Small Mirrors

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For customers who desire an extra-bright LED lighting experience, this upgrade includes installation of a second 18-watt LED strip side-by-side with the existing LED strip. Adding this 2x LED lighting option can effectively double the brightness of your mirror!

Choose between 3000 Kelvin or 6000 Kelvin for 2nd LED

Choose between our standard 6000 Kelvin color temperature LED option, which provides optimal "natural daylight" light for makeup and grooming applications, and our 3000 Kelvin LED option, which provides a "warmer" yellowish light more like a standard incandescent light bulb.

If you choose a 2x LED that matches your primary LED color temperature, we will wire the LEDs together to work with a single switch control. If your 2x LED choice is a different color temperature (3000K vs. 6000K) we will wire the LED lights separately and you will need a separate wall switch to control the second LED, or you can choose to control with a single remote-control device if you include Remote Control/ On/Off/Dimming (below).

2x LED Dimming Options

The 2x LED option is not dimmable without including one of our dimming upgrades. IMPORTANT - please make sure that the dimming solution selected for your 2x LED matches the dimming solution selected for your primary LED.

  • Our Remote Control On/Off/Dimming option will allow you to turn your 2x LED on and off and control dimming of the LED without any special wiring (see Primary LED options for more details). NOTE: You will need to purchase a Remote/Dimming upgrade for each separate LED that you wish to control with the remote-control device.
  • Our Dimmable Power Regulator option includes installing a dimmable power regulator (DPR). Select this option if you wish to use a compatible dimmer wall switch with your 2x lighting option (see Primary LED options for more details). NOTE: You will need to purchase a DPR upgrade for each separate LED that you wish to be dimmable.

We advise customers not to not rely on your LED mirror as the primary lighting in the bathroom; the purpose of the LED mirror is to provide specific diffuse light for the person standing in front of the mirror.

We are happy to consult on your choice of upgrade options, to ensure that you get the exact results that you are looking for! Call us at 704-796-9077 M-F 8 am to 5 pm EST.

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