Change Light Color from 6000 Kelvin (Cold Light) to 3000 Kelvin (Warm Light) - Small Mirrors

  • $69.95

For customers who desire a softer LED lighting experience, this upgrade includes installation of a 3000 Kelvin LED strip, which provides a warm yellow glow that replaces the standard installation 6000 Kelvin LED strip. Adding this feature brings a softer lighting experience to your room and mirror!

This specific product option is designed for large mirror installations. Please consult the Upgrades section of the product(s) that you are purchasing to determine the Upgrade you need to add to your cart.

Compatibility of this option with other LED mirror upgrade options:

  • This option is compatible with our Dimmable Power Regulator option if you wish to have your LED lighting connected to a dimmable wall switch (or more than one dimmable wall switch).
  • This option is compatible with our Remote Control Dimmer Switch option (*Recommended). This is a great option especially if you have multiple LED strips that want to be able to independently control (on/off and dimmable as well), and don’t want to have to install additional hard-wired wall switches.
  • This option is compatible with our 2X and our Color Lighting options. If you choose to include the 2x option, please make note that the 2nd LED strip that is installed will also be a 3000K LED strip to ensure that you have a matched color lighting solution.

NOTE: If you are purchasing multiple LED mirrors on the same order with different options, or you have multiple options on the same mirror, please make sure to include specific notes on the order to explain the options you are choosing to go with each mirror, and/or explain how you want multiple options on the same mirror to work with one another.

We are happy to consult on your choice of upgrade options, to ensure that you get the exact results that you are looking for! Call us at 937-810-0200 M-F 9am to 5pm EST.