Add Perimeter Color LED / Switch / Dimming Options - Small Mirrors

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Our Perimeter Color Lighting option allows you to add an LED strip to the perimeter of your front-lighted LED mirror to provide side-projected ambient light from your mirror in addition to the front-projected functional lighting (NOTE: we can only install this option on front-lighted rectangular mirrors).

This option is intended to add an aesthetic dimension to your lighting experience, and works very well to highlight surrounding features (like wall tile, for example). Only a single perimeter upgrade is allowed per mirror.

Our default configuration for installing the perimeter LED is to wire the LED separately and you will need a separate wall switch to control the perimeter LED, or you can choose to control your LED lights with a single remote-control device if you include Remote Control/ On/Off/Dimming (below).

LED Color Selection

The Perimeter Color LED option can be ordered with one of three different LED colors: Our standard 6000 Kelvin LED (natural sunlight), our 3000 Kelvin LED (warm, like incandescent light), and our Blue Color LED (the most popular choice).

Perimeter LED Control / Dimming Options

The Perimeter Color LED option is not dimmable without including one of our dimming upgrades:

  • If you are not interested in our dimming options for your perimeter LED, we offer the option to install a separate switch on your mirror frame to allow you to turn your perimeter LED on and off directly from the mirror. Otherwise the perimeter LED will be configured to be hard-wired to a standard wall switch.
  • Our Dimmable Power Regulator option includes installing a dimmable power regulator (DPR). Select this option if you wish to use a compatible dimmer wall switch with your Perimeter LED lighting option (see Primary LED options for more details). NOTE: You will need to purchase a DPR upgrade for each separate LED that you wish to be dimmable.
  • Our Remote Control On/Off/Dimming option will allow you to turn your Perimeter LED on and off and control dimming of the LED without any special wiring (see Primary LED options for more details).

    NOTE: You will need to purchase a Remote/Dimming upgrade for each separate LED that you wish to control with the remote-control device. Also note that whenever remote dimming is installed with a Perimeter LED solution, and your mirror includes a switch, we will remove the switch to ensure high quality electrical connections.

We are happy to consult on your choice of upgrade options, to ensure that you get the exact results that you are looking for! Call us at 937-810-0200 M-F 9 am to 5 pm EST.